Skin – the largest of our organs – is both a shield as well as an organ that puts us in contact with the world around us. A world that doesn’t always treat it well. As a mirror to your soul and feelings, your skin can reflect both your joy and your sorrow. Your complexion is strongly affected by avoidable internal and external influences. Just as natural aging or illnesses in internal organs can affect your skin, the sun, wind and cold also leave their mark. From a scientific perspective, your skin is a conglomerate of a hundred billion cells undergoing slow, yet constant regeneration throughout your entire period after lifetime a covering for your body that is two square meters in area, ten kilograms in weight, hosts one hundred twenty sweat pores and fifteen sebaceous glands per square centimeter and is provided for by a two hundred forty kilometer-long network of minute blood vessels.

This organ deserves our utmost respect and only the very best of care. Water and soap used to be enough to keep skin looking vibrant and fresh. Current environmental influences as well as our modern-day diet, however, necessitate more intense, longterm help when protecting and caring for our precious skin. In principle, everything our skin needs and everything that does it good is provided for in nature which is why the LUANA skin care system, the skin care system I personally recommend, is based on the laws of nature.


Prof. Dr. Günter Burg
Dermatology Specialist

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